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Our daily sin

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This commmunity is for you to tell us what's on your mind. Whether it be to start a riot, rant, ask questions, or vent. Other than what's listed in the rules anything goes.


1) Don't be a dumbass and TyPe LyKe Dis.
2) Critisize if you feel the need.
3) Don't threaten to kill other members because it's stupid and you'll never really do it.
4) Post (add comments) because that's what a community is for.
5) Refrain from any nude pictures because I don't want to see your (or anyone elses) filthy body.

New Members:

Fill this out before further posting so others can get to know you-
1. Name-
2. Location-
3. Do you actually like your location? Explain.
4. Name some of your favorite bands/musicians.
5. What are your veiws on:
-Your parents?-
6. How did you find this community?
7. Anything else you want us to know?