Maureen (peachykeenbear) wrote in 2_minutes_hate,

Hello, Hello

I join now!

1. Name - Maureen
2. Location - Small town in upper Ohio, near Toledo.
3. Do you actually like your location? Explain. - It's a beautiful little town and I like to galavant around with my friends and all, but it is a conformist town.
4. Name some of your favorite bands/musicians - Radiohead, NIN, Stone Temple Pilots, Toadies, Burden Brothers, Incubus.
5. What are your veiws on:
-Polotics? - Everyone's a polition, aren't they? Politics are an absolutely terrifying force to be reckoned with.
-Abortion? - Go for it. It's your body. How ridiculously insane it is to rule another's body. Do you feel you'd be a hero for abolishing abortion? You saved some babies? Well, screw it. We, as humans, should never, EVER play the part of gods or what have you.
-Your parents? - Eh my dad's fionce is a good source of money, but not convorsation. Very closed-minded. Not that she's in love with the government or anything, but I can imagine her telling me two and two make five for the sake of her being right and me wrong.
-Stupidity? - How do you think I feel about that?
6. How did you find this community? - 1984 is one of my interests; I've just finished it today. He loved BIg Brother. What a riveting last sentence.
7. Anything else you want us to know? - No.
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